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Vehicle retirement program

December 1998

The Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) offers California vehicle owners the opportunity to retire vehicles that fail a biennial Smog Check. In fact, BAR will pay $1000.00 for each vehicle that is accepted into the retirement program.

Vehicle Retirement Requirements

To be accepted for BAR’s Vehicle Retirement Program, the vehicle must:

• Have failed a biennial Smog Check within 90 days of BAR’s receipt of a completed application;

• Be currently registered and have been continuously operable in California for at least the last two years;

• Not have a Planned Non-Operational status with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

• Be a passenger vehicle or light- to medium-duty truck; and

• Pass a visual and operational inspection at a BAR-approved dismantler.

Vehicles issued an Economic Hardship Extension or a Repair Cost Waiver may also be considered if the waiver or extension has not expired. Those vehicles must also pass a visual and operational inspection at a BAR-approved dismantler.

* Except for vehicles failing their biennial Smog Check between June 8, 1998 and November 2, 1998.

Retiring A Vehicle

Interested California vehicle owners must submit an application and the appropriate documentation to BAR’s Vehicle Retirement Program.

Once the application is received, BAR will review the vehicle’s background and determine whether the vehicle information provided on the application meets the Vehicle Retirement Program’s criteria.

Approved applicants will be contacted to schedule an appointment at a BAR-approved dismantler. Before the appointment, the vehicle owner will be required to obtain documentation from the Department of Motor Vehicles to "junk" their vehicle. On the day of the appointment, a BAR representative will inspect the vehicle at the dismantler to verify that all the vehicle components listed on the application are present and that the vehicle is operable.

If the vehicle passes the inspection, the vehicle owner will receive $1000.00 in exchange for the vehicle. The vehicle is then officially retired.

Vehicle owners may retire only one vehicle in a 12-month period.

How To Receive An Application

For more information on the Vehicle Retirement Program and to receive an application, please call BAR’s Referee Scheduling Center at 1-800-622-7733.


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